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​​​​​Our Staff


Mrs. M. Mowatt


Assistant Headteachers

Mrs. S. Mew
Miss C. Millington



Mrs. Y. Buckley
Mrs. T. Herd
Miss R. Lennon
Mrs. S. Mew
Miss C. Millington
Mrs K. Renton
Miss R. Tierney
Mr M. Whiteman
Mrs H Brown


Support Staff

Mrs L. Evans
Mrs. T. Gledhill
Mrs. S. Mullarkey
Mrs J. Schwarze

Bursar/Office Manager

Miss S. Cox



Mr. D. Roberts


Cook in Charge

Mrs. C. Laughton


Midday Assistants

Mrs L. Parker
Miss W. Main
Mrs J. Schwarze
Mrs B. Wainwright
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Aims of the School

Hale Church of England Voluntary Controlled Primary School intends to nurture the all-round development of every pupil. To achieve this we aim: -

To foster the spiritual, moral and Christian development of the children whilst sustaining a respect and understanding of other faiths and beliefs.

To offer a broad and balanced curriculum for all pupils.

To provide a rich and stimulating environment where positive learning takes place and where children can develop their true potential with enquiring minds and a love of learning.

To provide range of first hand learning experiences in order to encourage and sustain each child's curiosity and spontaneity.

To develop children as independent learners who progress at a pace appropriate to them.

To provide a welcoming, caring and safe environment where children can develop self-respect and are able to cooperate with and show consideration to others.

To ensure the children appreciate the value of and essential equality between individuals regardless of sex, race, culture or disadvantage.

To establish high standards of behaviour and self-discipline whilst valuing children and their self-esteem.

To develop sound links with the home, involving parents in the life of school and the education of their children.


​Information for Parents 2015-2016


Our School Day

Key Stage 1

Key Stage 2 

8.50 Children are welcomed into school

8.55 Register & Dinner Register

9.05 Assembly (15 minutes)

9.20 Letters and sounds

10.45 Playtime

12.00 Lunchtime

1.10 Register

2.30 Playtime (Optional 15 minutes)

3.10 End of school day


Further Information





 Start and End of School Day

 Safety and Security



 Home School Agreement


 Term Dates

8.50 Children are welcomed into school

8.55 Register & Dinner Register

9.05 Assembly (15 minutes)

9.20 Support for spelling

10.45 Playtime

12.15 lunchtime

1:00  Register

3.10 End of school day

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